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Update Sun 01/29 @ 9:26 PM — Just an update on the snow potential, or lack thereof. As mentioned over the past week, the period between Feb 2 and Feb 6th might hold promise for snow lovers.

Alas, not the case. Our best bet was Sunday night into next Monday (the 6th) and it’s going to be too warm for snow

Here’s the latest NAEFS showing coastal low pressure brushing us, but temperatures are too warm here for snow —

NAEFS shows critical temperatures too warm for snow. (Click on image for a larger view.)

Go Eagles!

Update Sat 01/28 @ 9:51 AM —Despite the current sunshine, the models continue to forecast cloudiness to develop late morning as a warm front-like scenario develops over us.

For Sunday, more models have joined the forecast for light showers to develop in Philadelphia about 3 PM Sunday as the cold front approaches and dissipates.

Previously Posted Fri 5:17 PM —

Warm air aloft moving in from the southwest (a pseudo warm front) will cause an increase in cloudiness on Saturday afternoon.

The warm front continues north of us on Sunday as a cold front tries to move through during the afternoon hours. The cold front’s movement is impeded by high pressure in the Atlantic and it dissipates, but not before causing a few very light showers in the western suburbs into Philadelphia.

Very light amounts are forecast for Philadelphia, on the order of 0.02 inches about 3 PM or so, having minimum impact on the Eagles game.


Sunny in the morning, considerable cloudiness in the afternoon. (Similar to the past few days). Mild. Somewhat windy and gusty.

High temperature 48.7º sd 1.1º ( NBM model, location – Blue Bell, PA)


The cold front dissipates as it approaches Philadelphia but very light shower activity makes it through about 3 PM or so. Not all models are on board with these light showers. The ECMWF has been consistent. Cloudy and windy.

NAM-NEST forecast total precip by 7 PM (Click on image for a larger view.)

High temperature 52.2º sd 1.2º ( NBM model – location Lincoln Financial Field, PA)

Winds at the Linc

NBM wind meteogram for location Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia. (Click on image for a larger view.)
Regarding Potential Snow here in Philadelphia:

Update Sat 1/28 6:26 PM — Cancel these chances of snow; the latest models have trended warmer with precipitation moving mostly to our south.

There’s a chance of an “over-running” event with moisture moving over a stalled frontal boundary late Tuesday night into next Wednesday, Feb 1st.

There’s another chance of a similar event next Sunday night into next Monday, Feb 6th.

Snow lovers- don’t get too excited… we’re talking about 1/2″ or so each ‘event’ with possible changeover to rain or freezing rain. No major storms showing in the models.



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Update Fri 01/27 @ 11:22 AM — This morning’s NAM and GFS have joined the ECMWF with some very light showers moving into Philadelphia and then dissipating on Sunday afternoon, about 3-5 PM. I’ll update with my usual “Weekend Weather Forecast” this evening.

Update Fri 01/27 @ 10:23 AM — Considerable cloudiness again expected today, especially after 1 PM.

Looking ahead…

I’m keeping my eye on Sunday afternoon’s weather for the Eagles game. There is a strong high pressure system in the Atlantic that is blocking the movement of a storm in the Ohio Valley. Moisture from this storm will attempt to move eastward with clouds moving in.

Sunday will be cloudy. Most models keep any rain to our west, however, the ECMWF has consistently brought in some rain into the city about 3 PM on Sunday. The ECMWF is an outlier at this time, but it’s a model that brings the rain the furthest eastward into our area. Most models keep us cloudy and dry for the Eagles game.

ECMWF forecast for 4 PM Sunday. Light rain moves just up into Philadelphia before weakening and dissipating. (Click on image for a larger view.)

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