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Any More Snow?

Update Wed 02/01 @ 10:55 AM — I don’t see any snowstorms in the next 10 days. The one chance, this Sunday into Monday, has fizzled even more—

NAEFS statistical “mode” forecast for Monday at 4 AM. Dip in the jet is minimal, not cold enough. (Click on image for a larger view.)
Wed 10:51 AM Forecast Review — We had that brief coating of snow last night. Some of last night’s models (HRRR, NAM) were pushing the the light coating only into NJ.
MRMS: Where was there a coating last night. Predicted Maxima didn’t occur in NJ, but further south. (Click on image for a larger view.)

The NBM was late to pick up on any snow coating. The Canadian HRDPS (updated recently) has been pretty good lately and it’s why I included its graphic yesterday. Perhaps it over-estimated snowfall somewhat but the coverage seems pretty good.

Update Tue 1/31 10:45 PM — Tonight’s models have the already minimal dusting very scattered west of the Delaware river with any coating most likely in NJ. NBM model has only 60% chance of 0.10 inches of snow.

Several models have joined in with forecasting a light coating of snow ending around daybreak to 8 AM Wednesday. (The current NBM stands out as forecasting no snow accumulation.)

Here’s the latest Canadian HRDPS forecast —

Today’s 18z HRDPS shows a possible coating of snow by Wednesday morning. Temperatures will drop below freezing and it may be slippery out early in the morning. (Click on image for a larger view.)

Temperatures rise well above freezing and there won’t be much left by late morning.