High pressure that moved in on Friday will linger into Saturday morning.  Milder air aloft will approach  during the day on Saturday as winds become southeasterly. In effect, a weak warm front.  Disturbances (vorticities) in the upper flow may give us additional clouds on Sunday.

Saturday will start mostly sunny, but mid-level cloudiness will increase during the day.  The GFS is showing a significant layer of altocumulus and altostratus cloudiness by afternoon.  High will be near 35.  Low about 25.

Sunday will be milder, with some sunshine, but it appears that these weak disturbances in the upper flow may also result in some cloudiness.  High 42-44.

A potentially interesting situation for Tuesday into Wednesday-  The European ECMWF has been consistently showing a coastal low developing along an arctic front as it moves through our area.  This would mean snow for us..  This has been supported by the Canadian CMC model.  However the GFS and FV3-GFS do NOT show this low pressure development.  Something to watch.  Stay tuned.