Sun @ 9:43 AM —Forecast Review— The rain was heavier and more continuous on Saturday than had been forecast. We did get the 2-2.5 inch rainfall from Friday through Sunday that was forecast.
MRMS 48 hour rainfall from Friday through Sunday AM (Click on image for a larger view.)

Yet to see if we get the clearing or bright skies between noon and 2 PM

Updated Sun 8:35 AM — The latest HREF forecast for clouds—

Sunday morning (06z) HREF showing percentage clouds (dark/grey) and cloud cover spread (white and pink contours) at 2 PM. Greatest uncertainty remains over the Philadelphia area with clearing northwest of Pottstown (KPTW). No rain west of the Delaware river, although it will be close by. An edge or boundary area forecast resulting in high uncertainty. (Click on image for larger view)

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Originally Posted Fri 12:07 PM


There’s remains uncertainty regarding the timing of the rain ending. The latest NBM and ECMWF have clouds, but no rain here on Sunday. The higher resolution models (HIRESW-FVS, NAM, NAM-NEST continue with light showers into the early afternoon, then mostly cloudy, with some bright spots, possibly some sunny breaks. High temp near 53.0º± 3.9º (High temperature spread = high uncertainty) NBM model, Blue Bell)

Some additional scattered showers possibly spring up Sunday evening.