Forecast Review— The line of storms weakened considerably, as they entered Philadelphia, as forecast. A good example of how upper air anticyclonic curvature can suppress storms even with very high CAPE and high instability in the lower atmosphere.

Updated Sun 5:53 PM — The line of storms just to our west is supposed to weaken just as reaches Philadelphia, but the southern part of the line is forecast to continue to move east. We’ll see if this happens. (The models haven’t been too good today.)

Update Sun @ 10:25 AM — Models still showing possibility of localized showers around noontime/early afternoon in the northwest corner area of Philadelphia. The new NBM still shows a temp of 90-91º but also shows scattered showers around the area during the afternoon.

Main area of shower/storms between 6 and 9 PM.

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Continued hot. High temperatures run about 2-3 degrees ‘cooler’ than Saturday. A cold front sinks south towards us during the day. Thunderstorms likely after 5 PM.