We’ve gotten through February with virtually no snow.

As mentioned with my “Weather Outlooks” on February 12th and again on February 18th, the weather pattern of the past few months has been highly predictable and consistent, but changes are in the pattern are inevitable and usually come around just before the change in seasons.

“The current pattern has been with us for almost three months. Like bull stock markets, weather patterns don’t last indefinitely. Weather patterns tend to change as the seasons change.”

Back on February 18th, I saw large increases in the “spread” of the statistical members of the EKDMOS for the last week in February and the first week in March, suggesting a weather pattern change might be on tap.

Well, we’re here in March and indeed, a pattern change is being discussed by the NWS Extended Weather Forecasters Group.

Specifically there are now large spreads and differences in the extended statistical  models and there are hints of a deep storm  forming in the western Atlantic which may bring some interesting weather for us around this Friday’s time frame.  (Hey, it’s the Philadelphia Flower Show week and how many years has some portion of the show been plagued by bad weather forecasts!)

Here’s the current Canadian GEM (GDPS) forecast for Friday morning—

Canadian GDPS forecast for 10 AM Friday

A little far offshore, but this should watched.  I’ll keep an eye on this.