[su_box title=”Weather Outlook Update Thur PM” box_color=”#defcdc” title_color=”#000000″]Tonight’s NAM has joined the FV3-GFS in predicting moderate rain for Sunday morning. See forecast below for context.[/su_box]

Significant differences exist between the models for this weekend’s forecast.

(Not surprising, since the forecast– predicted high temperatures (86) and the predicted thunderstorms for today, Thursday, weren’t too accurate – only the GFS had the high temperature near 86 and the higher resolution models had the thunderstorms suppressed to our south today and predicted the 80-83 we actually saw.)

Back to the weekend-

Updated with GFS: For Saturday, cloudy but dry (perhaps some light drizzle in the morning)  with an easterly, cooler wind.

For Sunday, large differences between the models.  The latest GFS, NBM, and NAM suppress most of the showers and rain to our south.  The still experimental FV3-GFS has heavy rain on Sunday.  I’ve liked the FV3-GFS over the winter, but it’s currently an outlier.

I’ll update Friday evening, as usual.