Sun 05:25 PM Forecast Review — An overly optimistic forecast.  I can’t blame this on the models. I just bet on the wrong horse (HREF).     This is as close as the clearing got to us this afternoon  —

Visible Satellite at 4:45 PM

Areas of Chester and Delaware counties had clearing, but I use Blue Bell as the forecast focal point.  The clearing may make it a bit  further north as low pressure has begun to develop over the Delaware border .  Showers and possible thunderstorms still expected later this evening and tonight. 

Going with the latest HREF (High Resolution Ensemble Forecast) model forecast.

Here are the current conditions:

Current Conditions at noon  (Click on image for a larger view.)

HREF forecast: Showers taper off noon- 2 PM. Clouds thin and break for some sun between 3-5 PM.

HREF forecast showing clouds thinning by 3-4 PM with developing areas of vertical motion to our west with residual activity to our far north.  (Click on image for a larger view.)

More showers and thunderstorms between 9 and 11 PM