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The weekend weather forecast is looking better and better. Last night’s models have reduced their forecast for the amount of cloudiness both Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.   (Still expect some cloudiness, according to the NAM.)

Any precipitation will be during the night time hours.  Monday is looking sunny as well. Enjoy!


Last Updated

 Yet Another Update:   A tough forecast for Sunday, as mentioned in my Friday morning post.  This afternoon’s high resolution NAM-NEST has moved the showers far north of our area again, joining the GFS and regular NAM.   So…..Sunday has clouds in the morning, then clearing for sun in the afternoon.

NAM Nest Forecast from this afternoon shows rain stays to our north on Sunday morning

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 Another Update:   A tough forecast for Sunday- This morning’s high resolution NAM-NEST has showers on Sunday morning.  QPF 0.15 to 0.40!

NAM NEST afternoon run showing showers remain to our north on Sunday


Whoops….we may need to cancel those sunny breaks I forecast within the past hour. I took a look at the very low level cloud deck and it hangs firm until very late.

Very low level clouds

The latest GFS has some breaks of sun coming in sometime between 1 and 5 PM due to a dry slot from the south.High temperatures are also coming in much lower than predicted-

Revised High Temps

High temps in the 53-55 range, occurring later in the afternoon:

Orange low to mid 50s.


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, when predicted QPF values are in the 0.10 range or less from a clipper-type system, the trend can be for the precip to become negligible.

Such is the case with today’s NAM where QPF values have fallen to 0.01 inches water and the GFS 0.03.

A flurry, at best for Friday afternoon/evening.  Cancel that 1 inch snowfall.