Very hot

Forecast Review— Temperatures have gone beyond what was forecast by the NBM this morning—

Official temperatures at 4 PM today. Philadelphia International and Northeast Philadelphia airports are at 99º These measurements are reported at certain intervals. If is possible there was a higher temperature recorded between the regular reported intervals. That information will be available later. (Click on image for a larger view.)

Update Sun @ 9:54 AM — New 12z NBM model out continues with the somewhat lower temperatures for Sunday—

Sunday 12z NBM high temp (Click on image for a larger view.)

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    1. Not much clarity. The models are all over the place. Most common amount is a disappointing 0.3-0.5”.
      Canadian model has almost nothing, German ICON has most falling in Delaware and Maryland. NAM has more (about 0.8”) but GFS about 0.3. ECMWF also less than 0.5” Latest RAP has rain in the late morning instead of the evening! Too early to tell. With all of that, we have to add that “invisible force field” that has developed over the Philadelphia area that keeps all rain away.

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