Philadelphia Winter Weather Update

I know what the official NWS forecast is for Philadelphia, but people need to know that there are EXTREME differences between the GFS  and NAM models.  When I’ve seen this before, it means the storm can fizzle out for our area.

While the NWS is warning of high snow totals for PHL, (and the NAM supports this), the more reliable GFS has the bulk of the storm missing Philadelphia. If the GFS is correct, we only get a few inches of snow here in PHL.

You’ve heard the real story here.  Let’s see what happens.

Winter Weather Update

I’m away but still looking at the weather in Philadelphia.

I really think PHL will miss much of the heavy snowfall.  The GFS has much of the coastal storm development further east and north , so 4-7 inches looks more likely for our area.  (The NAM has higher amounts, but it has been overstating preciptation amounts all winter.)

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