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Posted Sunday 02/04/24 @ 9:04 PM — No update tonight. For weather model nerds, I’ve posted a new tutorial on wgrib2 installation on Apple Silicon Macs.

Sunday Forecast

Posted Saturday 02/03/24 @ 5:56 PM — No change in the sunny forecast. The latest NBM shows high temperatures only a degree higher than today. Today was beautiful, but it was still a bit chilly at 45º-46º.

The really noticeable warmth won’t arrive the end of the coming week into the weekend.

Previously Posted Fri 8:51 PM —The blocked pattern that will give us a period of nice, uneventful weather, has been well-advertised. While the center of the country will be especially mild, our area will still be influenced by an upper trough. We’ll have temperatures that are just a few degrees above seasonal averages. Still quite nice.

Here’s the NAEFS temperatures for Saturday.

02-02-24 12z NAEFS temperatures at 1 PM EST Saturday. Notice how far north the white 32º is into Canada! If you look at the upper left part of the map, you can see the edge of some very cold air. That will be affecting our weather in about 7-9 days. (Click on image for a larger view.)

We’ll eventually see some mild temperatures into the mid 50s by Wednesday or Thursday, but it’s unclear if the we’ll see it much warmer.


Mostly sunny. We may see a brief period of clouds mid afternoon, especially south and east. Light winds

NBM high temperatures: Blue Bell, PA 43º Philadelphia, PA 44º
uncertainty (based on standard deviation): ± 1º


Sunny. Mild with very little wind.

NBM high temperatures: Blue Bell, PA 45º Philadelphia, PA 47º
uncertainty (based on standard deviation): ± 1º