Yesterday’s posted Weekend Weather Outlook remains unchanged— this weekend will feature high pressure that brings sunshine, light winds and moderating temperatures, especially by Sunday.

Saturday will be sunny with moderating temperatures by afternoon. The high will be 47 (Blue Bell  Ft Washington) reached about 3 PM.  (The EKDMOS has a high of 51.)

Sunday will also be sunny.  Light winds.  High 54. (The EKDMOS has a high near 58.)

Here’s the current EKDMOS high temperature forecast for the coming week—

Ensemble Kernel Density Model Output Statistics (EKDMOS)   Red is statistical mean value, green is is the lower 10 percentile value and blue is the upper 90 percentile value.

The National Weather Service this past week updated the National Blend of Models (NBM) to version 3.2 and I’ve based my high temperature forecast on this new NBM data for Fort Washington.

It’s also been announced that they will soon be eliminating the EDKMOS forecasts with the idea that the NBM will take its place.

There are significant differences with the NBM and EKDMOS high temperature forecasts for this weekend.  Let’s see which turns out to be correct.