[su_note note_color=”#bceaed”]Today’s high in Blue Bell was 48º, 49°, not too far off from the new NBM forecast.  I know a lot of phones and watches in the area probably showed highs of 50 or more.

The very localized temp readings you get on your watch are done from a network of weather spotters that do not necessarily adhere to the standards of measuring temperatures in a white louvered/ventilated wood box with double roof covering. It must be 2 meters above ground level over a grassy surface and at least 100 feet away from any concrete or other structure. (Called a “Stevenson Box”.)

And of course, Philadelphia Airport’s official reading is done in such an enclosure, but it’s near the river, at the far southeastern corner of our area.  KPHL, Philadelphia Airport’s temperatures tend to run 1-3º higher than Blue Bell, KLOM.

Sundays’s predicted high is expected to be about 56º. [/su_note]

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  1. The weather apps are all pretty much the same —They take tabular data from the NWS and assign icons to cloud cover, etc.
    The NWS has a digital forecast feed set for just that purpose.

    For “now” temperatures, perhaps consider an app from the “Weather Underground”.

    However, what I do is have browser bookmarks to actual weather model data instead of apps:

    The best URL to bookmark is —

    For hour by hour use the LAMP forecasts at: https://www.nws.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/lamp/getlav.pl?sta=KLOM

    To use the above, you just have to get used to thinking in what used to be GMT or what is now called UTC- Universal Time.

    00 UTC is 7 PM EST. 12 UTC is 7 AM EST. 18 UTC is 1 PM EST

    You can change the last part of the URL to different airports locations: KPHL , KLOM , KPTW (Pottstown) , KDYL, (Doylestown). KTTN (Trenton)

    For live radar, I use a paid subscription from WeatherTAP.com.
    https://weatherTAP.com They also have an app, which I rarely use.

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