[su_note note_color=”#bceaed”] During the Corona Virus Pandemic shutdown, I’ve been doing daily forecasts. However, I’ll be returning to the office next week and this blog will return to its regular Weekend Weather Forecasts along with its significant Storm Forecasts focus.[/su_note]

The blocked pattern along with a cut off upper air low and two surface lows will continue to affect our area through Saturday.

For Tuesday, expect similar weather we’ve had over the past two days—

  • Sun through high clouds in the morning.
  • More cloudiness later in the afternoon.
  • Increasingly windy conditions.  Gusts near 40mph in the afternoon.
  • High temp 66.8º sd 1.2º HRRR 68.3°

The long term forecast for the weekend isn’t high confidence.  Saturday may have showers and thunderstorms.  Sunday and Monday look to be better.

2 thoughts on “TUESDAY FORECAST”

    1. I don’t know that it is more windy compared to other areas during the same recent four year time frame. I think what you’re observing is the time frame, not the location. My impression, having lived here for a long time, is that Philadelphia has become very windy in recent years. I have feeling that if you had lived in another area over the same four years, you’d think it had become more windy as well.

      I hate to blame it on “climate change” and global warming, but I think that’s the reason. Basic physics, temperature is directly proportional to average kinetic energy. I know this is ridiculously simplistic, but increases in temperatures and temperature gradients, and you’ll have more wind.

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