Update Fri @ 9:52 AM — No significant change in the snow forecast. I’m going to borrow from my previous posts which basically captures the forecast:

From yesterday: “The models have all moved to a weak, unphased system with development occurring further from us. Totals of a coating to an inch are now forecast. “

From Tuesday: “A cold front moves through Saturday night and stalls. Low pressure develops in the southeast coastal area. Track appears offshore, but several models have some moisture over-running the stalled frontal boundary with some snow possible here on Sunday.”

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Previously Posted Wed 10:02 AM —

  • GFS forecast with increasingly phased system Sunday

The difference for us between a phased system and unphased is a snowfall of >4 inches….. vs 1″, maybe 2″(unphased).

The German ICON and Canadian GEPS were somewhat closer to the unphased ECMWF. So this is “still up in the air”

Stay tuned. I’ll have a better sense of the trend late this afternoon after the other global models and ensembles have become available.