Philly Christmas Weekend Outlook

A slowly advancing warm front is bringing very wet weather to our area today and  should taper off on Thursday.  Thursday should be dryer, but  it’s still possible that we would have a few showers. Temperatures are expected to be in the 70s and likely recordbreaking. The frontal boundary pushes south of us again on Friday allowing for a period of drier weather, but it’s not clear how much sun we will get on Friday.

On Saturday the front pushes  north of us again with some increased chances of rain and those chances of showers linger through Sunday.   It’s possible we’ll get some bright skies and maybe even some sunshine,  but the odds are against it and timing  will be difficult.

Basically cloudy,  mild and wet weather will be with us through next Tuesday.

The first chance of near normal cold weather is New Years Day.

Philly Winter Weather Outlook

Another week of well-above average temperatures is expected for our area, and this has been highly advertised by most of the news and weather shows.  Indeed, relatively mild weather is likely through the end of 2015.

Of interest is a change in weather pattern configuration that seems to be suggested by the some of the long-range models.   For the first time this season, a mixed precipitation storm (mostly rain for us) may occur sometime around December 29th.

Even more interesting, the GFS is suggesting a major nor’easter sometime around January  5th.

I wouldn’t take any of these specific GFS forecasts too seriously at this time, but what’s noteworthy is that the GFS is for the first time this season predicting some serious interaction between between cold air and the El Ninio moisture right in our area .


Update 12/21 –  Some of those long range pattern changes suggested by the GFS have disappeared.   It looks warm into the first week of January.

Philly Weekend Weather Forecast

It’s been so warm so far this December, that this weekend’s high temperatures in the low 40s will feel shockingly cold even though our highs and lows will match the statistical averages for these dates.

For Saturday, gusty winds will make average temperatures for December feel even colder, despite sunny skies.  Highs around 42.

For Sunday, expect sunny skies and less wind with high temps around 43.

As mentioned a few days ago, the upcoming week before Christmas will be warm and wet with possible record-breaking warm temperatures X-mas eve.

In fact, the current pattern of mostly warm with shorter intervals of [near average] cold weather will likely be with us through the end of this calendar year.  

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