Much Cooler Weather for the Weekend

Updated 8pm Friday in italics

A weak cool front has moved through on Friday and winds have shifted to the west.   High pressure will nose down from the north  and will be over our area on Saturday.  Circulation around the high will be from the east, giving us significantly cooler conditions.

Saturday will start with some clouds, but skies will quickly clear as an easterly flow develops.

The GFS clears us out on Saturday, but the latest NAM suggests the chance of some brief showers about noontime on Saturday as the winds shift to the east.  It’s beginning to look like there may be considerable cloudiness on Saturday.

The high drifts off on Sunday and low pressure attempts to move in from the west.  Sunday will start sunny, but an increase in clouds is expected  during the late afternoon with a chance of showers early evening.  Highs near 68.

This weekend’s forecast is above average confidence, although easterly flows sometimes results in more clouds than forecast by the models.

(Some heavy rain expected for Monday.)

Sunday Weather Update-

With low pressure off of Cape Cod on Sunday, upper air disturbances (vorticities) will rotate through our area on Sunday.  Timing of these upper air vorticities is difficult to nail down, but the NAM and to a less extent, the GFS, has a disturbance rotating through between 2 PM and 5 PM on Sunday.

Below average forecast confidence for Sunday, but best guess is that early clouds break for a mix of sunshine and some clouds in the morning and early afternoon.  Cloudiness increases during the early afternoon and the upper air disturbance moves through between 2 and 5 PM giving us a chance of widely scattered showers.  High temps near 70.

Male and Female Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks

My post earlier this week showed a young, non-breeding Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.   Last Monday, we were visited by several Grosbeaks (5 by our count, 3 males, 2 females).   Here’s some pictures and videos of them on our feeders-

Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks (male and female)



Here are two males, a young male and a mature male Grosbeak:

Heavy Rain Saturday, some sun on Sunday

The well-advertised rain storm for Saturday is upon on.  Rain moves in around midnight and becomes heaviest during  the morning hours on Saturday, then tapers during the afternoon hours.  Depending upon the model, rainfalls of 1.25- 2.00 inches are likely, much of it falling before noon on Saturday.  It will be very cool, with high temperatures about 52.

Rain ends Saturday evening.

For Sunday, a mix of sun and clouds is expected.  The latest GFS has a fair amount of sunshine; the NAM has considerable cloudiness with a slight chance of brief shower late in the afternoon. Confidence in the sun-cloud mix is a bit lower than average for Sunday.  High near 70.

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