Saturday Weather Update- Unsettled Weather

Saturday 11:30 PM Update :  the models over-predicted the showers today.  Tonight’s models have some showers late morning into afternoon Sunday, as the main cold front moves through. High temp only 59.

Again, upper air lows and associated showers and clouds are often  poorly modeled. A low confidence forecast .

The bright spots we’re having this morning were expected and predicted.

The models have more low level cloudiness moving back in by this afternoon, with an increase in areal coverage of spotty showers during late morning and afternoon.

Exact placement and timing of showers with an upper air low pressure system is nearly impossible to predict.  Instability of the atmosphere is high and any breaks of sunshine become “self-destructive” with the cold pool of air present in the upper atmosphere interacting with the sun-warmed rising air from the damp ground surface.