At work…not much time, but a quick update for the snowstorm in Philly tomorrow.  The latest NAM has become available.  QPF values, somewhat less, still more than 1.09 inches water in PHL.  Band of heavier snow north and west from Valley Forge and Northern Montgomery county and north.

Temperatures at critical levels may allow some mixed precip in PHL during the morning, but a changeover back to all snow in the afternoon.  Timing still on track as earlier posts have mentioned. Still going with 12 inches in PHL, less along the adjacent counties SE of PHL, 18 + in western and northern suburbs.    (As was the case with the last storm, this is accumulation POTENTIAL.  March snowstorms have their own thermal issues from solar insolation effects, reducing totals.)

A busy day at work for me….won’t have time for elaborate posts or evalution of other models until this evening.   The all important data becomes available about 9:15 PM and the 3D temperature profiles about 9:45 PM.



2 thoughts on “QUICK STORM UPDATE- TUES 9:30 AM”

  1. First, as always thank you so much for your reports! I highly value your weather insights.
    Second, when you say PHL do you literally mean the airport or do you mean the Philly metro area?
    Thanks again!

    1. The data is for the PHL airport gridpoint. But Philadelphia ‘city’ is close enough for it to be valid. NE Philadelphia airport, often has slightly different data, but I don’t use it.

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