I tore myself away at work to look at the 1PM NAM model data that just became available.  QPF values are back to 1.30 inches and higher north and west.  Thermal profiles are COLDER!   It looks like mostly snow even in Philadelphia!  It does not look like rain will mix in after it starts.

Sorry for the vacillation on forecast amounts but I think we’re back to 8-10 inches in Philadelphia and 10-18 north and west of the city!

Weather forecasting is a tough business; glad I do other things when I’m not forecasting.  🙂

I’ll update with a final forecast about 9:45 PM or so.

12 thoughts on “YET ANOTHER SNOWSTORM UPDATE! 4:45 PM Tues”

  1. Yes thanks GS. Hard to resist making time? I’m hoping for a 10pm update with the 945 runs!

    Guess this isn’t much historically speaking but still pretty significant.

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