Just a quick update that last night’s models showed a much higher chance of thundershowers this afternoon and Saturday afternoon.   Today’s showers and thunderstorms will be the ‘pop-up’ variety; they will dynamically form in position and fall apart without moving much.  Some areas won’t see any; other’s might have a significant quick downpour.  The showers may pop up anywhere and anytime after 1 PM  Friday and persist popping up until about 8 PM.

Here’s the High Resolution Ensemble Forecast (HIREF) for 5:30 PM today showing accumulated precipitation:

HIREF 5:30 PM Fri Accumulated Precip

(These accumulated Precip maps as well as the TV “future tracker” stuff can’t be taken literally in terms of exact timing, position and intensity. They just give a general idea about timing and the mostly likely areal coverage. That said, the HIREF model depiction isn’t bad for these things.)

Saturday’s showers and thunderstorms will be associated with a weak front moving through.  Some of the models keep these mostly to our west and barely make it into Philadelphia.   Will have to see.  I’ll update tonight.