A generally dry period is coming up from today, Wednesday, through Monday.  Temperatures will be cool to seasonable 53-60 (average high is 60º).

Late Thursday into early Friday morning, the retrograde low pressure to our east may cause some light showers.   Also some higher winds.

(Higher winds are not a “wind tunnel effect”, as some the TV weather entertainers call it. Winds are caused by pressure gradients between adjacent systems, higher gradients, higher winds.  A wind tunnel is described here.  Such a thing as a “wind tunnel effect” can best be felt at the corner of 15th and Chestnut Street on a windy day.  I wince every time I hear that term used so incorrectly. )

We are switching from a cyclonic pattern to a large scale upper air “ridge” pattern from the latter part of the weekend into next week.

GEFS depiction cylonic trough in yellow  (click for larger image)

Upper Air Ridge Pattern next week:

GEFS forecast for Tuesdays showing upper ridge

Here are the EKDMOS temperatures for the coming days:

EKDMOS High Temps

With things quiet, check back for the regular WEEKEND WEATHER FORECAST on Friday evening.

2 thoughts on “WEATHER OUTLOOK”

  1. Thanks Glenn for the additional weekday forecasts you have started posting to provide us with insight as to when best to plan outdoor activities. I have found these very helpful and agree that all of the days seem to have run together now that we are all social distancing from each other.

    I also greatly enjoyed and very much agree with your comment concerning “the TV weather entertainers”. As an engineer I find the science of weather is more than interesting enough for everyone to understand as long as careful thought is given in developing good explanations. Something that I know takes time to do well and you do it very well. Thank you again for taking the time to provide us with you insights.

    I do not know why news organizations on TV and other mediums feel they have to entertain the public. I wish they would focus more on the science of weather and providing good explanations versus trying to entertain with inaccurate and misleading descriptions which do nothing to educate and enlighten their viewing audience.

    Take care and stay healthy!

    1. Hi Stan,
      Thanks for your note of appreciation! I agree… I don’t know why some of the “weather entertainers” have in recent years decided they’re going to become inaccurate instructors in geo-sciences and meteorology. I don’t think many of them have every solved a differential equation about fluid flow. Many people don’t know this, but in the mid-90s, the American Meteorological Society created a certification category called “Broadcast Meteorologist”. There are some courses and tests they take about basic weather terminology and weather events. I think they need to re-certify every few years. After they pass, they become “Broadcast Meteorologists”. However, most TV weather people have dropped the “Broadcast” part of their certification title and just call themselves “Meteorologists”. So even people with degrees in journalism can call themselves meteorologists, despite never having studied math, physics or fluid mechanics.

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