Snow Forecast change

The 1 am model runs have changed the QPF significantly. The NAM and GFS  are down to a 0.30 inches QPF, occurring late morning into evening. Expect about 2-3 inches.  Wow, this is a tough business!

8:30 AM Update:  Some snow pellets are falling near my home, just northwest of the city. Upper air temperatures still on the borderline for snow, but they are still expected to drop.

Ground surface  temperatures have not decreased as much as expected last night; This likely will  reduce accumulations on sidewalks and roadways, since any snow initially falling will melt until surface temperatures chill.

Air temperatures near the surface  are still expected to drop to the 30-32 and upper air temperatures should drop to support snow by late morning.

The snow totals should still be 2-3 inches, but perhaps towards the lower range.