All models are on-board with a low pressure system that moves in late Thursday into Friday.  Rain, possibly heavy (more than 1″), is very likely for much of Friday.  It will  be very mild. High temperature near 60.

Saturday dries out and it will be colder and closer to seasonable.  There may be instability clouds.

There’s a wide range of model forecasts for Sunday, as a low pressure system tracks to our south. We may get some light precip Sunday if the low tracks a bit further north.  Type will depend on timing, but mostly like very light rain showers.

The storm I mentioned a week ago for New Years  Eve/Day is on track to be a rain-storm.

Right now, I don’t see much in the way of snowy winter weather.

There’s no giant slug of cold air predicted to descend into the central US.

Cold intrusions will repeatedly occur in the North Eastern section of the US that will effectively block storms coming up the coast.

These cold intrusions will alternate with mild air and wet flows. Things would have to change big-time for my colder-than-normal climate forecast from late November to become a reality.