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Saturday Update 9 AM
While the GFS LAMPS maintains high chance of rain arriving by 12-2 PM, the recent runs of the NBM show a slightly later arrival of the rain: 1-3 PM. A small change.

Cold high pressure move off to the east. A disturbance approaching from the southwest will bring rain and milder temperatures on Saturday,

Saturday will start cloudy and temperatures will rise from below freezing into the low 40s by 1PM. Arriving with the milder temperatures will be rain.  The rain may arrive as early as 12-2 PM. The rain will become heavy late afternoon into the evening.  Temperatures continue to rise into the 40s.

The low pressure system that brought us the rain will be gone before daybreak Sunday.  Sunday will be partly sunny and a bit warmer than average for this time of year. High 52.  (Average high about 50).

Outlook: Rainy on Monday and another outbreak of cold air expected by Tuesday, although not as cold as we’ve had the past few days.