Here’s the latest, based on the most recent NAM and NBM models:

Precipitation starts later, now between 9-12 noon on Thursday (earlier south of the city).

Precipitation will be principally sleet and some freezing rain, then rain.  There may be some snowflakes at the beginning, but this is a sleet—> rain event.

Temperatures during the day hover near and above freezing, then low to mid 30s.  Temperatures rise near 40 Thursday night.

Rain will be heavy in the afternoon and evening.  QPF values are 1-1.5 inches, mostly falling as rain.

The upper atmosphere chills before daybreak on Friday as the upper low merges with the coastal storm. Some snow may mix with rain briefly before daybreak Friday and before ending early morning.

I’ll update later this evening with the new NAM runs, about 9:30 PM.