[su_note note_color=”#d9f2da”]Monday AM Update: The models are showing yet another coastal storm sometime during the Thursday-Friday time frame. Timing issues still exist.

Cold air rushing in after the low departs may again give us the first chance of some mixed non-accumulating precipitation this season. Too many unknowns at this time.  Stay tuned.[/su_note]

The computer model forecasts over the past several days have been very changeable:  While the coastal storm for Monday night into Tuesday is still mostly on-track, the speed of the system has increased while the amount of cold air on the back side of the system has decreased.

We’ll have rain Monday evening into Tuesday morning, heavy at times. No flurries or snow showers expected on Tues night, although things chill down for Wednesday but it won’t be as cold as previously forecast.

Another interesting storm is possible on Thursday morning with the possibility of some frozen precipitation early, before changing to rain.

There’s a lot of uncertainty with this system- there are even large differences even between the GFS and the FV3-GFS!

  • GFS Operational Thursday morning forecast

Next weekend looks to be very cold as a dip in the jet is forecast to be in place.   But things could change.