As mentioned on Tuesday’s post, low pressure to our east will retrograde westward.

Any storm over the Atlantic moving westward is coming from a location where limited weather measurements can be made.  As a consequence of this, modeling the moisture and structure of a storm will be even more challenging and less accurate than usual.

Such is the case on Friday with the various models showing a range of cloud cover and varying locations and timing of light drizzle or sprinkles.

So confidence in this forecast is below average.

The best forecast now is for periods of cloudiness  with scattered light sprinkles or drizzle in the morning and late afternoon.  Some high resolution models have breaks in the clouds (some sun) at various times.  Total precipitation will be very light. 0.03 inches.  Windy. High 51-54°.

Precip most likely early to mid-morning and again late afternoon Into evening.

There is no recommended best time for exercise.  11-2 pm is a good guess based on tonight’s HIRESW models. But check radar during the day.