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Cecily Tynan doesn’t know what an “Omega block” is

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On today’s 6PM weather segment on Channel 6, Cecily Tynan showed a graphic of an upper trough expected to influence this weekend’s weather and incorrectly labeled and described it as an “Omega Block”.

An Omega Block is the result of high pressure and the jet stream takes the shape of the Greek letter Omega. What she showed is a plain old upper trough.

Correctly identifying an Omega Block is one of the ABCs of meteorology.



Inconsistent Weather Forecasts- Commentary

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I’ve been looking at the weather for years.  I can’t remember a previous period of time where the major models have been so inconsistent with forecasts.   The major models, while often showing some disagreement with various features, seem to be in less agreement over the past month or so.

More importantly, the models themselves seem to change with their own forecasts from day to day.  Two examples this week- based on the forecast from the weekend, Tuesday was expected to be mild, but it wasn’t until Monday that it became apparent that temps would be near 60.  Thursday was supposed to be much colder at the start, now  not so until later in the day. What looked like snow is now a rain forecast.

Basically, this season, you can’t count on the models for a specific scenario beyond 2, maybe 3 days in advance.

I’m not sure why this is the case.  I have been reading that temperatures in the Arctic circle are very mild this year, with the cold pools of air being further south, in Siberia for example.  Not the norm. I suspect this is throwing off the models quite a bit.

Either way, weather forecasting so far this cold season has been more of a challenge than usual.

Going Secure

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I wish I could always secure these forecasts….but I can’t.  However,  I have just updated this site to a secure server SSL/TLS  format.  (    You should see a lock on your browser address line.

Unfortunately, for the time being, I’ve had to temporarily eliminate the nice radar and satellite loop images that were displaying here because they were being lifted from which is still an insecure server.

I’ll work on getting those images back.

Starting January 2017, Google will begin flagging websites who are not secure with a red  warning on their Chrome browser address line.  Initially, these warnings will only be commerce sites, but later, it will extend to all sites.  Eventually, Google will block access to sites that are not using https protocol.

Supposedly, all government websites will be moved to https protocol by December 31st 2016.

Eventually, Google plans to demote web search results for sites that are not using https protocol.

Let it be noted

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Let it be noted that on March 7th, Adam Joseph and Cecily Tynan declared that winter is over and it won’t snow again this season. That’s a bold prediction, not supported by the current extended GFS model.