The forecast for rain on Saturday through Sunday still stands. A closed upper low pressure system in the southeast will spawn two low pressure systems that move up over Philadelphia this weekend.  The upper low will move up over our area on Sunday.

One change has occurred with the forecast— The rain on Sunday is expected to be heavier than the rain on Saturday.  In fact, the lowest QPF is likely during Saturday afternoon.

Saturday will be cloudy with rain. The rain may become light and intermittent in the afternoon.  High 55 49.

As the upper low moves over our area on Sunday, there will be increased chances of rain, possibly heavy Sunday.  The upper low will result in colder temperatures. High 47 42.

Long Term Outlook- Updated Saturday 5 PM
Reviewing the major models, at this time, it appears that the balance of December doesn’t have a pattern for snow in Philadelphia.

Short duration dips in the jet stream will bring cold periods, but moisture flow from the southwest will make these colder periods short-lived,  allowing wet and mild weather from deep storms whose tracks will be moving to our west instead of along the coast.

A storm for Friday is a now posing to be a significant rain storm and the storm potential mentioned for Sunday also appears to be wet instead of white.

The chance of seeing a white Christmas here have faded, at least for now.

The global models show very frigid air building in the polar region, Siberia and Greenland during the last week in December. A shift to much colder weather couldn’t be far behind.