The weak cold front that moved through on Friday will move north as a warm front later Saturday into Sunday.  Showers expected with the warm front Saturday night.  My regular readers know that a tropical system or hurricane near the continental US often plays havoc with the model forecast specifics.


  • Significant and increasing high level cloudiness (cirrus).  Lower level clouds increase during the late afternoon and early evening.
  • High temp 87.0º sd 2.0º
  • Dew points mid 60s.
  • Winds calm to very light from the SE at 0-6 mph


The warm front moves north, but unstable and humid air may result in thunderstorms Sunday afternoon, especially west of Philadelphia.


  • Cloudy in the morning, sun breaks out during the late morning or early afternoon.
  • Showers linger early in the morning.
  • Thunderstorms and showers possible later Sunday afternoon.
  • High temp 91.3º sd 2.6º  (larger than average spread)
  • Very humid!  Dew points near 75º
  • Winds increasing 10-15 mph from the S and SW.  Becoming gusty in the afternoon.

GFS (pre-release version 16) forecast Hurricane Isaias on Tuesday morning at 8 AM, currently the closest forecast approach to our area —

GFS v16 forecast for Tuesday 8 AM  (Click on image for a larger view.)

The model blend (NBM) shows much more rain to the west on Tuesday—

NBM 1 hour rain forecast for Tuesday at 8 AM  (Click on image for a larger view.)