Thursday Update:  Notice how significantly the predicted jet stream trough for Monday has changed over the past few days:

  • GFS forecast
    GFS Forecast for Monday Morning, Nov 12th

The weekend remains cold, but the temperatures on Monday will be warmer than had been predicted.   Very cold temperatures are now forecast for Tuesday night into Wednesday.

[su_note note_color=”#d9f2da”]The current outlook for this weekend is dry, windy and chilly on Saturday and mostly sunny and chilly on Sunday. [/su_note]

My post last Sunday identified the cold outbreak that’s expected this weekend. With the amplification of the jet stream and the development of a significant trough by next Tuesday, a coastal system is expected to develop and to bring rain to our area, and some snowfall is possible in western PA.

Even more interesting is that the FV3-GFS (still under development but expected to become the NWS main global model in January) suggests that even some wet snow flakes may move in  during the end of the storm Tuesday night.

This outbreak of cold weather will be the first of several, with a number of storms expected between now and Thanksgiving.   Stay tuned.