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Not so sure about snow on Wednesday morning

I’ve been listening to the TV forecasts tonight and I’m hearing dire forecasts for Wednesday morning’s commute.  From what I see with the latest NAM model, snow is NOT likely for Philadelphia or the immediate northwest suburbs.  The upper atmosphere looks too warm for snow early Wednesday morning around here..

It’s not clear if ground temperatures will be above freezing, so some icy conditions may be possible.  The NAM delays the precipitation onset until about 8 am in PHL.

We won’t know for sure until the Tuesday night model runs.

Philly Weekend Weather Returns

I’ve been away the past two weeks, but I’m back and Philly Weekend Weather returns this coming weekend.

There hasn’t been much going on here weather-wise, while I was away, due to a slow blocked pattern typical of September.   (The blocked pattern has caused the remnants of Maria to be relatively stalled off the SC coastline. )

This coming weekend looks to be seasonably cooler and sunny.